My Bucket List

  • Travel the world/visit every continent
  • Travel to at least one country solo
  • Get passport  ordered on 2/6/2015, received on 3/6/15
  • Own a 2nd home in Bali (when I retire)
  • Invest in something worth investing in (stocks)
  • Sky dive (at least once in Switzerland)
  • Hike the mountains/hills in another country (ex; Inca trail)
  • Sail on a yacht (preferably in another country)
  • Snorkel with the fish
  • Fly in a hot air balloon (maybe in Turkey)
  • Practice salsa dancing in Spain
  • See the 12 Apostles in Australia (pillars)
  • Be fluent in another language (preferably Spanish and/or Italian)
  • Loose 80-100 lbs: down 50 lbs so far…
  • Stop caring what people think/ fully be myself unapologetically
  • Experience a wedding in another culture/country
  • Tried foreign food that I wouldn’t normally try
  • Minister to people around the world
  • Own my own business
  • Get a 160 or above on LSAT
  • Go to law school/finish in top of class (still seeking God on this)
  • Get married (have a happy successful marriage)/ have children
  • Own a jaguar or Audi suv debt free
  • Own my dream home (debt free)
  • Be debt free (owe no man)/everything paid off or canceled
  • Be able to give to others w.o expecting return: DONE!! Not sure I ever did expect anything!
  • Buy my mother a nice house or do something else nice for her
  • Retire at under 60 years old
  • Be able to pay for my children’s education
  • Make and maintain meaningful lifelong friendships: have 1 and that’s enough for me!
  • Grow my hair out
  • Take a cooking class (preferably in another country)
  • Go skiing ( in the French alps preferably)
  • Swim in the blue lagoon in Iceland
  • Walk the Cinque Terre bridge in Italy
  • Run a 10k: Done! Ukrops Monument 10k on 3/28/15
  • Go kayaking,
  • paddle boating,
  • canoeing,
  • ziplining, –Done 4/3/15
  • Fly in a jet/helicopter
  • See a volcano (maybe Hawaii)
  • Go on a real Safari
  • Make wine in Italy or Wine Country
  • Never “work” another day in my life (love what I do)
  • Ride a camel
  • Ride or pet an elephant
  • See the Egyptian Pyramids
  • See the northern lights (Norway or Alaska)
  • Attend a pro football game
  • Attend the Olympics (2016 in Brazil or 2020 in Alaska)
  • Road trip around the U.S./ visit almost every state
  • Take a risk and dye my hair  2/11/2015
  • Go camping
  • Be in two places at one time (like Walk to Remember)
  • Ride a horse
  • Walk the Great Wall of China
  • See the Grand Canyon
  • See Niagara Falls
  • See a kangaroo
  • Walk the grounds Jesus walked (Jerusalem, Jordan, Israel)
  • Closer to God/ learn to flow better with Him
  • Be on a game show (let’s make a deal preferably)
  • Revamp my wardrobe
  • Save More (6 months minimum in acct. always)
  • Sow a BIG seed
  • Put a lock on gate in Paris
  • Stand on top of Table Top mountain in South Africa
  • Walk the selma bridge
  • Full self acceptance/no comparison

FYI: This list is not conclusive or final; I am always finding new adventures I want to experience. For a more detailed list of the countries I want to visit internationally and domestically see below…..

My International List


Spain- visit Barcelona, Madrid, Seville

France- visit Paris

Italy- visit Rome, Sicily, Naples, Venice, Milan



Japan- visit Tokyo

Africa- visit Cape Town in South Africa, Egypt

South America




Canada- visit Quebec, Niagara Falls, Alberta, Vancouver


New Zealand,


Abu Dhabi,


Greece- visit Santorini, Crete, Athens



Bora Bora,




Puerto Rico,

Dominican Republic,


Virgin Islands,








My Domestic List

Washington- Seattle,

Texas- Dallas or Houston

New York,





Massachusetts- Boston,


Louisiana- New Orleans

Nevada- Las Vegas


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