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Amen! I am a prosperous person!

Apostle's Meditations

His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. – John 2:5

When Jesus then lifted up his eyes, and saw a great company come unto him, he saith unto Philip, Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat? And this he said to prove him: for he himself knew what he would do. – John 6:5-6

There’s one word that these two verses have in common and that’s “possibility.” Not one time did Jesus come across a situation where He didn’t know what He would do. Why? Because He knew that all things are possible. As a matter of fact, Jesus knew that He was possibility. This means that Jesus knows how to manifest anything for you, no matter how unlikely you think it is; including your prosperity.

Jesus knows how to manifest prosperity in unlikely places and unlikely people.

Some of…

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How I Afford to Travel… And You May Not Like What I’m Going To Say

Thus sums up why I want to travel. But haven’t got bold enough to just up and go yet. Lol

Kate from the States

The honest truth – I never have the money I need to travel, but I buy the ticket anyway. I’ve realized that money comes and goes, but the more I make, the harder it is to part with it and weirdly, the less I have, the easier it becomes to budget.

I don’t do that saving account, checking account, travel account thing either. I am not rational. I am extreme. I want to travel and so I do. There is no in between. While I was working my first career job in public relations, I realized early on that it was going to take me forever to save all the money I would need to see the world. I come from a middle class family, I’m the middle child of five and I live in one of the most expensive places in America – Long Island, New York. I don’t…

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The Adventure Begins


Simple Yet Sophisticated Me

After a long time deciding on my vacation plans, I decided I would take a trip to the Amazon Rainforests. There were too many options and too many companies that provided jungle lodges, cruises and what not! A lot many boasted of providing authentic jungle experience staying inside the jungle itself which was quite tempting. I did not spend too much time searching for such places anyway. I thought of doing something different as I had time on my hands. I wanted a bit of luxury and also get exposed to some of the adventure in the Amazon. I chose to book the Iberostar Cruise on the Rio Negro (Black RiverI) for 4 nights. The reviews were very positive, including from a few solo travellers. The company claimed they would provide you with the best of the Amazon experience combined with an all inclusive cruise on the Rio Negro for…

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Great post!

Mr. Philippines 1974 Pinoy Traveller

Panglao resort, Bohol I’m just curious to visit Bohol because most travel agencies endorsing that Bohol is better than Boracay , but when I visit it , it’s a duplicate of Boracay , even the set up of those bar on the beach are the same. The sand quality is the same white and fine. The worst thing here in Panglao , the bar and restaurant occupied the beach not like Boracay , that you can sunbathing and have a big space to play on the beach.

From Bohol , I took this super ferry heading to Cebu City. It’s a pressurerized aircondtion cabin ,nice and clean with uniform stewardess that only took hour and half to reached Cebu City….

Cebu City beautiful city very modern city ,carbon copy of Ayala everything in Ayala in Makati they have here because the builder here are the…

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Day 2: Kyoto x Dotonburi

Great post!

Millennial Monster

Today was a long and tiring day. My feet is stil aching from all the walking that we did. I have no idea how the Japanese do it; but I got to give props to them. No wonder they all look so fit. They just keep walking around and around until they reach their destination which is unbelievable. I can’t believe the Philippines still doesn’t have this kind of means for transportation working so effectively.

For the second day, we went around Kyoto to look at temples and hopefully see some geishas. Sad part is that we couldn’t find any so oh well.

The tour around Kyoto was supposed to be for three temples but given the time we were able to get to the place and under renovation signs. It seemed unrealistic so we only went to the ones we could. To get to the first destination, we followed…

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Paris, je t’aime

Letters From K


I always think about the first time I went to Paris. My dad took for a few days when I was only 12 years old. I can still remember the joy I felt being in this incredible city. The sense of awe I felt simply walking down the street. The same joy I felt being there twelve years later. The world is full of beautiful and interesting places, but there is something special about Paris. IMG_1636IMG_1638IMG_1641IMG_1650IMG_1654IMG_1658IMG_1660IMG_1662IMG_1664IMG_1673IMG_1687IMG_1689IMG_1700

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Côn Đảo’s Calling

Get beneath the surface - The InsideVietnam Blog

Reasons to go to Côn Đảo – by guest blogger, Kirsty Denison

con dao

Côn Đảo is an island of day-job, desk-bound fantasies; a place where cloud-topped, jagged mountains encase bays of turquoise and paper-white sands. Just an hour’s flight from frenetic Saigon, this 50km square patch of paradise is skirted by 15 other smaller islands and islets, making up the Côn Đảo Archipelago of South Vietnam’s Vũng Tàu Province. This is a place at once warmly familiar and other-worldly exotic. The town-centre, with its dilapidated pale-yellow buildings and lamp-lit seafront promenade would not be out of place in Provence, and tell of a complicated past under French Colonial rule. Outside of this comfort-zone however sit the winding jungle-lined mountain paths and unbeatable beaches that make this the most absurdly spectacular place I’ve ever visited. As I walk you through the reasons I believe you should immediately hop aboard a plane here, I’ll share some of…

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My 10 Favorite Cathedrals and Basilicas in Europe 

Trail to Peak

I’ve always had a fascination with churches and cathedrals. The history of how churches came to be and the stories of how they were built spins a compelling narrative that spans hundreds of years. The Catholic Church has a long history that is deeply intertwined with Western culture. The Church’s influence is inescapable. The fire of my interests exploded after having read Ken Follett’s incredible novel, Pillars of the Earth. Pillars of the Earth is a historical novel focusing on the fictional town of Kingsbridge in England. It’s an epic tale, but the main focus is the construction of a cathedral in the town. The story spans years and generations, and even though it’s 800 pages, it’s a page turner. The book gave me a new-found appreciation and layman’s understanding of how a cathedral is built. Since reading this book, visiting cathedrals and basilicas while traveling has never been the same. Below, you…

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Travel – London


A few years ago, we went to London and Paris, and had a fantastic time

I loved the history of London, and it was great to see Buckingham Palace, the changing of the Guard, 10 Downing street, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral.  We even got to sit in on Parliament which was kind of neat – we were there in summer.  The parks were especially beautiful, and who could not see the Tower of London.  Lots of history there, and we had a phenomenal tour guide. We also took the river cruise.  Brixton Village is worth seeing – market, bazaars.


We stayed a bit north in London at a cool place called Hendon Hall – a train ride into town, but we really enjoyed the hotel, and there was much history behind it.

Hendon HallHotelHendon Hall Hotel

Ashley Lane
Hendon NW4 1HF, (London) United Kingdom
01144 2(0)…

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I didn’t know that was there!

Sometimes peace and beauty is in your own backyard. #flipagram ♫ Music: It is Well (Live) – Bethel Music & Kristene DiMarco made with @flipagram .

So today was one of those days when all I wanted to do was be outside, away in another place, with God just to hear His voice. The past few weeks have been a little hectic with the transition to my new job (which is freaking awesome by the way) and the devil has really been trying me.

Alot of great blessings have been taking place in my life within the past few months, and it is evident that the devil is not happy and doesn’t want me happy either. Nevertheless, I have been fighting to keep my mind focused on God and enjoy what He has given me. So I did what always works for me when I need to reclaim my footing…..searched for God in my immediate surroundings… backyard!

While in my backyard, I felt so much peace and warmth creep over me that it brought tears to my eyes.  I was instantly reminded of God’s promise in Jeremiah 29;11. I felt safe with God and could exhale in confidence that I could trust my weaknesses to Him.

The sun was perfectly positioned over the trees beaming on me like a spotlight, the lake flowed like a river, and the wind whistled in my ear. It was just me, nature, and God. And I heard a small, subtle, repetitious whisper in my ear, “let it go, It is well”. In that moment, all of my worries left me, my weaknesses fled, my spirit leaped inside, and I released my grip on life. I was reminded that I can’t control everything, everyone, or the outcome anymore. God is more than willing to do that for me, and I have to trust that He knows what He is doing.

I felt so loved….even with my flaws. I thanked God again for His creation because it has taught me to appreciate the simple things in life and has helped draw me nearer to Him. Today GodWith3n was in my own backyard.

What is your GodWith3n?!

God Bless.